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I pride myself on my high standards of operation, attention to detail and the focused personal service I offer.  
An extensive network of contacts enables me to keep my finger on the pulse of the  Paris market.
Having an eye for the exceptional, along with a great sense of style and creativity sets me apart from the competition. 
Marianne Hermann
Paris, January, 2016

Share my Love for Art and Paris !
I'm offering a fine range of authentic antique maps of Paris and the World from the 16th to 19th century.
Or check out the more affordable modern City Art.
Poster all created by an artist and prefect to decorate Interiors.

Artist-designed maps of Paris, London, New York and World maps.
Perfect for a stylish Home, Office or Hotel decoration . More

Discover ancient Paris, and visit my Paris catalog showing  antique plans of Paris, created from as early as 1582.  
Discover the world without the inconvenience of traveling in this catalog of antique world maps.
These authentique ptrints are sold with certificate of authenticity.

Social media

Content Creation

Content writing and web content creation is said to the  lifeblood of today’s marketing, and we have to enthusiastically agree. There is such a vast amount of readily available content on the web as more and more people have flooded the internet searching for the answers to their questions. This puts marketers and their customer base in a unique and powerful relationship. Create the right kind of content people are searching for in a way that addresses their questions to create a relationship that can turn into revenue for your company.

Photographing Artwork

Specializing in photographing antique maps, books, artwork, product and more.

I am excited to combine my passion for art with my photography skills to provide a friendly, professional, and affordable service to anyone who needs high quality images of their work. 

‘The quality of your artwork is only as good as the quality of the photograph’

The professional documentation of your artwork is likely one of the most vital investments in your art. It is also an investment with a great payoff because the accurate representation of artwork translates into greater interest from galleries and customers

Paris respresentative

Looking for a sales representative in Paris or its surroundings ?.

I'm able helping you with the development of your activities by the acquisition of new customers; Or will take care of research and telemarketing, scheduling of appointments.