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Photographing Artwork

Specializing in photographing antique maps, books, artwork, product and more.

I am excited to combine my passion for art with my photography skills to provide a friendly, professional, and affordable service to anyone who needs high quality images of their work. 

‘The quality of your artwork is only as good as the quality of the photograph’

The professional documentation of your artwork is likely one of the most vital investments in your art. It is also an investment with a great payoff because the accurate representation of artwork translates into greater interest from galleries and customers.

Paris Map Fair Offer (valid until 3 November, 2021)

For participats at the Paris Map fair we currently offer a special price for photographing 5 globes or instruments for 500 euros or 50 maps for 500 euros. We deliver the images in TIF and JPEG in an format at 5000 pixels width or height.  Below are some samples of our HR images. 

Click on any of the images and zoom into their detail.

Interested or more questions contact Marianne Hermann at +33 (0)6 - 22144773 now.